The planting container;

Size does is important! Is there enough room for roots to grow and hold without falling off from the pot or planting container? How to introduce water and drainage?

Plants Selection;

The successful of the green wall is based on "The right plants on the right media at the right place!"

Growing Medium;
Light weight, well drained is an ideal. Losing media is always problems with the soil system from degradable, strong roots penetrated and to washed away during watering. Also wildlife such as birds, insects etc. How to prevent them?

Consult with the engineer for structure support. Especially on high elevation wall and designed to get up for services without set up scaffolding or renting scissor lift to save the cost of maintenance.

Natural lights are always the best. Today's technology of LED grows lights is available for the location that needed but make sure that will work on VERTICAL light direction. 

Water: In-Out;

Low water pressure is an idea. If the system running water for 24/7 then will be another cost to  the monthly utility bill. Drainage is needed or designed to recycle back to the walls.

1.) Safety of the system, low voltage is an idea, GFCI is a must.

1.) How long is it take to install at the site?
2.) How's to save cost on labor?
3.) How's to save cost on logistic?

On high elevation;

How's to service the walls with minimum staff and working hours.  The cost of setting up or rental safety equipment at the site in commercial area are the additional cause of the maintenance.

1.) For indoor green walls, you don't want to have a messy wet floor. make sure that water won't follow the leaves to the floor.  In the case of water line  broken by high water pressure or some accident how you prevent that?
2.) On high elevation make sure that the potting system won't fall into people. to secure the green walls from the wind load, storm and earthquake.

Bad News! The Dead walls standing!

The physical  is the most common of the dead walls. Some types of systems are intended for temporary use as seasonal decoration, events, etc.. Some are for mass production to sell on the low price without care of the life of plant in the long period.

However, a low price up front can result in years of high maintenance costs due to the constant need to replace plants.

Besides that, here are the typical causes of  green wall failure  in general;

A) Human:

1.) Wrong plants/ growing medium selection.

1.) Fault irrigation design, non fertigation.

2.) Power/water black out & did not turn back on.

3.) Reset/tune up/shut off the system by third party.

4.) Over watering/ fertilizing.

5.) Wondering, searching and harm the plants

6.) Un-skill trimming

B) Biotic &  Abiotic

Pest & disease! How to prevent them? Organic pest control is an ideal.

There has been considerable advancement in green wall technology since the days of the hanging gardens of Babylon.  Here at We Build It Green (WEBIG) we have designed a system that is modular, easy to maintain, and built to last.  In 2005 when we first wanted to build green walls, we could not find anything on the market that met our requirements; that is, long lasting, uncomplicated, and cost effective.  So we designed our own green wall system, we perfected it, patented it, and now we sell and install it.  When you buy from us you are buying from the designer, the manufacturer, and the installer.  We make it easy, and we stand 100% behind our product. 

We even do the lighting.  Green walls need light from all the spectrums that plants require.  Because a green wall can be large, we had to design LED lighting that could be placed a distance from the wall so as not to block the view of the wall.  We patented a full spectrum programable LED that  can provide light from up to 15 feet away, so that the view of the green wall is free and unobstucted.  Of course since we use the latest technology for our green walls, we did the same for our LED's....they can be controlled through the various stages of plant growth from your smart phone!

Always a good question, and easy to answer.  The price of a green wall is usually based on square footage, just like other construction prices.  Our green wall square foot prices are compatible with most standard construction prices.  A green wall can be created in many ways; hydroponic, hanging plants, vines, plant pockets, etc., at many prices.  And there is a place for all types.  One of the most important considerations if you a shopping for a green wall should be maintenance, which for some designs can be expensive.  If you purchase a less durable wall, it may look good at first, and it may stay looking good if a substantial amount is spent on plant replacement.  If you pay more up front, in the long term the durability, the distinctive design of our irrigation system, the patented growing medium, and the proper lighting system will ensure years and years of enjoyment without excessive maintenance costs.  Our advise: Do it right the first time.  A quality, well designed green wall will provide years and years of enjoyment.  A poorly designed wall will provide years and years of disappointment until it is removed.
together on the projects. 

We BuildItGreen

Green Wall Specialists 

 Indoor Air Quality,Mold, Odor,  mVOCs  etc.;

Indoor green walls gain a high number of the oxygen rich air for the building, but some research found a high numbers of various  toxic came out from the green walls too. Please considerate!

1.) If the irrigation system running 24/7 how you preventing moisture in the air?  

2.) How's the irrigation system impact to your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)?

3.) Is there any concentrate chemical released in the water lines?  



1.) What is the lifetime of the system? 

2) How's the system work?

Irrigation System:

1.) How stable of the system?

2.) How to supply water to every plant on the wall? 

3.) How to control water pressure all around the wall in the vertical direction.

1.) How to supply necessary fertigation to every plant on the wall? 

2.) Organic plant foods is an ideal.

How's controller work?

Waterproofing & Leakage Prevention:
1.) How clean of the irrigation system on walls, floor?

Water efficiency;
Beside of the saving the water, monthly water bill can be very expensive to feed the green walls.
1.) If the irrigation system running 24/7 and how's to preventing moisture in the air?