Modular = Easy and time-saving
- Based on the US. patented modular system, these gardens can be installed in varies  shape or sizes.

-Inter-changeable without irrigation work, easy change the pattern or plants replacement by few minutes.
- Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor especially  for commercial proposed.
- Our distinctly designed internal watering system has self-cleaning & leaked free as there is no water pressure during normal hour including an easy replacement for maintenance ensuring dependable low-maintenance operation.

-Inline fertilizer injected  system  slowly provided liquid plants food on every watering time  to make sure that your loving walls never miss out the necessary plants food.

-Our new custom grow block media easy to work with and worry free on loosing media.
-Fast installation as most of the work are at the nursery and our workshop less time spent at site.

- Our own custom designed LED grow vertical lights equally to natural lights with the low power consumption and less heat effect is available when is no natural lighting is available at the installed location 

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Find out how's our system is efficiency, leaking  free, clean  & safe

Sustainable Solution

We BuildItGreen
Find out how's  easy installation. Time saver & cost less on logistic

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