Retail Stores
These projects are installed in a major shopping mall in Thailand, The Mall Bangkapi & Future Park Rangsit.  Since there is no natural light available at the installed locations,  our patented LED Vertical Grow Lights make it possible for these projects.

total of 700+ patented WeBIG Modular green walls system and over 7,000 plants from more than 20 different species

These projects fed by tapwater once a week and designed for water efficiency . 

One garden at a time

The green wall specialists

Since 2005  WeBIG has devoted  energy to passionately advocating for the environment for the  needy and politically under-represented. Find out how you can contribute  and built sustainable green communities.

Event Contracted
Our award winning walls were successfully  installed and maintained for the 92 days ofthis Royal Floral Gardens  show event. The time was limited for 15 days to completed the project. The flood from North thoughout Bangkok did not  stop our work. Lots of extra helpers from the local gardens was a great help.

These green walls contained 2,622  US patented modules of WeBIG Modular green walls system and over 34,000 plants from more than 40 different species

We BuildItGreen

Green Wall Specialists 

Eco Advertising
We are offering to build green walls in the public spaces without using government budget by making eco friendly advertising to offset cost of the construction and maintenance. These green walls contained max. of 20% of advertising embedding into the green walls and turned into WORKING WALL that can generate revenue to pay off and maintenance themselves. Also generating more green walls. One garden at a time.

​The Bangkok Airport

At Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand we installed three large walls that present a stunning introduction to Thailand's natural beauty by presenting over 20,000 plants from more that forty species to all arriving passengers.  Our green walls are so popular that they have become their own tourist attraction!  Situated appropriately in the arrivals area, they have become a backdrop for TV interviews, motion picture scenes, along with being a place for dignitaries to be photographed upon their arrival in Bangkok.  It is now "meet me at the green wall"   when  its time to pick up arriving passengers